10 Tips for Healthy Family Fun

Make Family Health Fun! Make Family Health Fun!

Help your family stay happy and healthy with these simple tips

Family Health Can be Fun!

It’s a fact. Childhood obesity rates are on the rise. Help your family stay happy and healthy by following these simple tips.

Be a good role model - Do you exercise and eat healthy foods? Your kids are watching and learning, so lead by example.

Cook together as a family - Kids are more willing to try new foods if they’ve helped prepare the meal. Also, if they’re helping in the kitchen, they won’t be watching TV.

Introduce new healthy choices - Have the family pick out a new vegetable or fruit to try. Everyone has to take at least one “adventure bite” and score it from 1-10 to see if it’s a keeper or not.

Take a walk - Summer is the perfect time to get up and get outside. Yes, even in the rain. Map out park or neighborhood trails and go explore. It’s a great way to kick off a Saturday morning (perhaps even stop by the farmer’s market on the way home).

Limit the family’s screen time - Is the greatest amount of your family leisure time spent watching TV? Try to limit screen time, whether TV, computers, phone apps, or video games to less than two hours a day.

Plan a weekly family game night - Pull out those old board games, play charades, build a fort, or use your screen time towards an active family game like Wii or Kinect.

Pack lunch - School lunches or eating out usually isn’t as nutritious as food from home. Prepare lunches the night before. Offer your kids a selection of healthy snacks and let them choose what goes in their lunch.

Prepare a snack basket - “I’m starving!” How many times have you heard that before? Prepackage healthy snack options for a go to when kids are hungry. Keep a snack bag in the car and a snack basket at home.

Set a monthly family goal - Children love working together towards a goal whether it’s walking five miles a week or eating vegetables at every meal. Once you achieve your goal, reward the family with something fun.

Start a new sport or activity - As a family, learn to play tennis, dodge ball, handball, soccer, roller-skating, or participate in a family 5K race together.

While keeping kids active and engaged requires some planning, you’ll be establishing lifelong healthy habits that will influence your children’s future. Make family time fun by getting healthy together.

This article originally appeared in PRO Pulse Magazine©, a publication of PRO Sports Club. Reprinted with permission.

Devan Bacon - BS, ACSM, USAT Level 1

Devan is a personal trainer at PRO Sports Club in Seattle, Washington. She strives to help others achieve their fitness goals, no matter how big or small. She brings nine years of personal training experience, as well as a positive and energetic outlook, to help her clients feel at ease and motivated to be successful. Devan believes that a healthy lifestyle leads to benefits in all aspects of life. She is experienced in helping individuals with weight loss, metabolic diseases, childhood obesity, and general fitness. Devan enjoys triathlons, cycling, swimming, and spending time with her family.

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