Fun, Fruit Bars, and Sunday Afternoon Adventures

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There are certain events in life that seem inconsequential in the moment they are first experienced, but in time become woven into the fabric of who we are.

Sunday Afternoon Adventures

There are certain events in life that seem inconsequential in the moment they are first experienced, but in time become woven into the fabric of who we are.

Such was the case a few years ago when my family and I stumbled across a little-known county park during a Sunday afternoon drive through the countryside. 

We decided to spend a little time at the park and quickly discovered an incredible trail system through woods and open meadows. We spent the rest of that afternoon hiking, stomping in the creek, and enjoying being active outdoors.

In the years since that day, we’ve spent countless Sunday afternoons at that park. Many of our fondest memories as a family are from being active there together. We’ve hiked and played football. We’ve run the trails and ridden bicycles. I’ve even taught two of my teenagers to drive there. 

Being active together at that little-known county park makes us feel alive, and is something we look forward to.

One of the challenges of our Sunday afternoon adventures is finding snacks that make us feel alive – snacks that are nutrient-dense and great tasting.

So I was intrigued when I stumbled across That’s it! Fruit bars. The folks at That’s it! sent samples of their fruit bars for us to try during our active Sunday afternoons. And we went from intrigued to impressed.

That’s it!

That’s it! bars are made from all natural, real fruit. Each bar has only 2 ingredients – fruit + fruit (one apple + one other type of fruit including mango, cherries, apricots, pear, banana, blueberries, pineapple, or strawberries). Their bars are a convenient way to get 2 full servings of fruit in a single bar.

Wow, the Flavor!

The first thing we noticed was the clean, natural fruit flavor of the bars. 

Many fruit-based bars contain dates as a main ingredient, which can overpower the flavor of the bar. As a result, every bar within that brand tastes pretty much the same.

Not so with That’s it! Each bar truly tastes like the second added fruit. Apple + Cherries tastes like cherries. Apple + Blueberries tastes like blueberries. My favorite was the tart flavor of Apple + Apricots.

The Heat Test

More than once, we’ve thrown a few snacks in a backpack for a hike or carried them in our cycling jersey pockets only to find they had turned into a melted, gooey mess. So I decided to test drive a few That’s it! bars on a 1-hour, 20-mile, high-intensity road bike ride in 85 degree weather. 

After riding, I pulled the bars out of my hot jersey pocket, tore open the wrappers, and found that the heat did not affect them. No melting. No gooey mess. Just delicious fruit!

Nutrient Dense

Whether eating a meal or snacking, our family looks for nutrient dense foods that make us feel great. Foods that make us feel alive. And That’s it! doesn’t disappoint. Each bar is loaded with nutrients. has an awesome interface that shows the nutrients and benefits that each bar boasts.

Where to Buy

You can purchase That’s it! bars at, or use their store finder. Pick some That’s it! fruit bars today! They are a great way to fuel your next Sunday afternoon adventure!

Brian DeLay

Brian DeLay is an airline pilot living in the Midwest with his wife and three children. As an avid runner and cyclist he has completed numerous half-marathons, marathons, and cycling "century" rides, and serves as the race director for the Run for the Ridge 5K. His favorite activities are those he shares with his family. Visit Brian on Google+

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